Great secondment experience at Toulouse, France

I had a two-month stay at CNRS, Toulouse, France as part of my secondment. The purpose of this visit was to carry out kinetic experiments on barite as part of my research within the EU-MINSC project. Many experiments were done at different conditions using batch low and high temperature reactors and analyses were conducted with ICP-AES. This opportunity was a great chance for exchanging knowledge and getting experience within the applied geochemistry environmental. First, of all I am thankful for supervision from Dr. Eric H. Oelkers, whose guidance and support were very valuable and meaningful for the research. I have got also valuable training and support from the fellows from different networks: Ulf-Niklas Berninger from MINSC, Martin Voigt and Christian Grimm from CO2-REACT and Andrea Pérez from MetTrans; help and encouragement from experienced researches, such as Thomas Rinder and Aridane González González, from specialised technicians for operating the high temperature reactors and analytical techniques, namely Alain Castillo and Philippe Besson, and assistance from Clare Desplats. I had a really great, helpful team during my stay, which was delighted by a wonderful weather, nice environment, memorable Friday’s wine and the daily, traditionally coffee-tea drinks after lunch!!!

Personally, it is very hard to give suggestions for future fellows who want to do their secondments here, because it depends mainly on the purpose of the visit. The CNRS is, by no doubt, a great choice for doing both experiments and analysis on applied geochemistry researches.



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