A unique Icelandic nature

The International Carbon Conference (ICC), carried out in Reykjavík, Iceland, between 25th to 29th August 2014, offered a unique opportunity to fellows from five different networks, specialized guests, academics and industries to network and to share knowledge and experiences among them. During two full days, we learnt a lot from many great presentations from experienced, prestigious specialists, geochemists, geologists, engineers and politics, others.

A field training course about sampling geothermal fluids and fumaroles, both liquid and gas phases, was organized for all the fellows from five different networks, such as CarbFix, CO2-REACT, MetTrans, MINSC and NORDICCS. We learnt about the different sampling preservation methods, analytical techniques for field titrations and all the principles behind the geothermal systems.

We also had the great opportunity to hike around the Thorsmork Natural Reserve, which is an area closed to the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, which erupts aggressively in 2010. We all know about the recent activity in the proximity of our area, but we all were so enthusiastic for this great adventure that most of us reached to the glacier and returned safe to the camp. We enjoyed the fantastic weather and the wonderful landscape along our hiking track.

Here are some memorable pictures of this great networking conference. Thanks all the ICC organizers and thanks Iceland for its amazing, unique nature!!!

ICC 2014_Field trip


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