Unforgettable time at Fuerteventura

This time, Fuerteventura, Spain, was the place where the MINSC fellows gathered together for celebrating the mid-term network meeting on February 7th-14th, 2014. We were warmed with a tropical sunlight, fresh wind and great weather, and by nice, friendly fellows from the CO2-React Network. For the first time, two networks were involved, so we were a group 45 people including fellows and supervisors.

We received training in two courses: Scientific Writing Course and Phreeqc. In the writing course, Liane G. Benning and Eric H. Oelkers were the main teachers with a great assistance from Andrew Putnis. They taught through interactive demonstrations how to write properly the different sessions of a scientific paper. Writing is not an easy task, but their didactic method was very helpful and practical, and they showed a funny way to write a paper in short effective time. The Phreeqc course was offered by Manuel Prieto and Juan Diego Rodríguez Blanco, they trained us using the modeling program through interesting and practical exercises and gave the fundamentals and commands for simulating reactions and processes. During the mid-term review, the MINSC fellows presented great presentations, for which we received excellent feedback from all the supervisors. We had also the opportunity to visit a desalination plant at Corralejo, Fuerteventura, a long trip from our hotel with fresh wind and beautiful landscapes.

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On Sunday 9th February’s evening, I received a wonderful surprise from the group for celebrating my birthday. I was really indebted to the group for their kindness and friendship!!! It was really amusing that all were having fun and enjoying the activity with whistles, they made this date a very special, unforgettable day in my life. I am thankful to all my friends!!! In order to cultivate and to flourish more our friendships, we had a super football game on Wednesday’s night on the beach, where we were divided into four teams: Phreeqcindor, Scalingclaw, Carbonpuff and MINSCerin, which represented the four houses of Harry Potter.


This network meeting was undoubtedly fantastic due to the high quality of the training and courses and  the well-organized schedule of the activities in such a way that we had opportunities to network and to interact among us in order to strengthen our social and scientific network.

I look forward to seeing all in the next network meeting in Iceland in August, 2014!!!


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