Public Outreach Adventure

My MINSC fellows described Goldschmidt 2013 in a detail and I was glad to be there with them to enjoy conference, workshop, meeting new people and old friends and of course sightseeing at beatiful city of Florence. But in this post I would like to describe my experience of giving public outreach.

Eariler this year I planned to take a break after our MINSC meeting in Bosei Denmark. I realized I could actually combine visiting my family during vacation with visiting my old high school and thus talk to students about my exciting scientific work. Reasons I decided to  give a talk at high school in Czech Republic was I. travelling there 🙂  II. to propagate MINSC network outside the home countries of host universites III. and mostly to motivate, educate and show to young people that you can work in future on important scientific projects like Mineral Scale Formation eventhough you come from tiny city somewhere in Central Europe. When I started to prepare presentation I found out it cannot be the same type of presentation I am used to have at academia. What a useful trainning to arrange your ideas and knowledge in your brain! At first with easy geology introduction warm-up I explained mineral crystallization and related scaling examples in nature (sea salts precipitations) and as well in industry (scaling upon geothermal utilization and oil and gas production in pipeline systems). I followed by explaining what drives such processes in universe (laws of thermodynamics). Then after all of this I could finally explain and introduce the role of MINSC in detail and talk about my part within MINSC project too. In total I had two lectures followed by discussion for two classes of older students heading for university studies. We had nice discussion and I hope the students enjoyed the talk and learned something as I did.

Talk at high school


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