An enchanting Firenze


Many different workshops were offered during the weekend before the Goldschmidt Conference, which was held in Florence (Firenze in Italian), Italy, 26-30 August 2013. I enrolled the “Introduction to Reactive Transport Modeling with CrunchFlow” workshop organized by Carl Steefel from Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory (USA), Jenny Druhan from Stanford University (USA) and Eric Oelkers from Environmental Geosciences Toulouse, France. We were approximately 20 participants. During the workshop, we learnt to run the program and we did many reactive transport exercises. Generally, it was a good introduction course, but from my personal experience it is highly recommendable to have Reactive transport background knowledge in order to fully understand the exercises and to have substantial discussions with the instructors.

On the evening of the first day of the Conference, we had a nice and friendly party in the terrace, were the MINSC and other networks members were gathered. We enjoyed delicious pizza with drinks and talking with our friends! The Goldschmidt Conference was huge, with approximately 4000 participants from different parts around the world, hundreds of presentations and thousands of posters were presented. I found very interesting the poster sessions, where I had many valuable discussions with the authors. I had also chances to make some friends during lunch time and conference banquet. Generally, the conference was very organized and I really appreciated that the presentations were very punctual with few exceptions on the last day.

The conference was charmed by a nice weather and by kind and friendly people. Personally, I really enjoyed the warm of the Italian people as well as the wonderful city, which is characterized by its elegant, enchanting architecture, valuable history and its delicious food…



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