A small world

A great, inspiring event was organized by the fellows of the EngCaBra (Biomedical Engineering for Cancer and Brain disease diagnosis and therapy development, http://www.engcabra.eu/) during their summer school in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was very pleased to be part of this first Marie Curie Network, held on the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) on 19th August 2013. Fellows from EngCabra were concerned to get together as much as possible the “Marie Curie students involved in Initial Training Networks (ITN) and other international PhD students in Denmark”. I felt very comfortable and I was received by very friendly, kind and nice people at the DTU meeting room.

The meeting started with a short self-presentation of all the participants, we were around 30 persons. Then, Dr. Winnie Svendsen gave a very motivated talk based on her own experiences, challenges and opportunities that she has made through her fantastic professional career. Afterwards, Dr. En-Te Hwu from Taiwan, author of more than 10 patents, also gave a very inspiring talk, some of his great messages were “Try some crazy and stupid ideas” and “Have fun with your research”. After these two ice-breaking talks, we all had social discussions in order to know more each other and enjoy delicious snacks, pizzas and drinks.

I was very surprised to meet one of the fellow from IonTrac (Ion Transport proteins in control of cancer cell behavior, http://www.iontrac.uni-muenster.de/), Su Chii. She is from Malaysia and I met her through one of my best friend also from Malaysia. We have met many times for parties and social activities in our friend’s house, we talked a lot about food, culture, hobbies, lives and countries, but never about our jobs…..until this meeting!!! We were very happy that this meeting tightened much strongly our professional connection in addition to our friendships. After many amusing, enjoyable hours, we went back home with more clearly guidance and inspirations to continue our scientific careers, and the most important to flourish friendships among the Marie Curie fellows.


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