Copenhagen time! – The second MINSC Network Meeting

About six months after our first meeting in Seefeld, we all met again in Copenhagen, from the 17th to 21st of June. It was wonderful to see again this big group and we also welcomed two other fellows: Prathap, from Reykjavik, and Taher, from Leeds.

We started with the visit to the Maersk Oil Core Lab, where we were first introduced to the general look and feel of the company. After that, thanks to Finn, we learned about where the oil came from and we could see and touch different kinds of cores drilled from the seabed of the North Sea. We were really fascinated to know that the oil can be extracted from these tiny, invisible pores! Later we had a tour of the laboratory facilities with Bi Yun and a lecture about scaling in pipes with Pernille. In the late afternoon we moved to Bosai, a school of Japanese culture and sports, where we continued the rest of the meeting and we used their facilities for daily meetings and social activities. The location was about one hour away from the city, very peaceful, surrounded by green fields and not so far from the sea.  The PIs gave lectures about fundamentals of thermodynamics and kinetics of fluid-mineral interactions: speciation, mineral stability diagrams, nucleation and growth, saturation states and mineral patterns were some of the topics discussed. We also had a very nice poster session on one evening, where all the fellows could present the work they did so far, and to find out was going on at the moment in the other universities and industrial partners. This was really excellent, a very good thing because we could receive and give comments in a very friendly way, and also made some connections and got inspired from the work of others. In Stevns Klint we enjoyed a sunny weather, admired a beautiful view of the beach, learnt some geology of the cliff and saw the famous K-T boundary, which indicates the end of era of dinosaurs.

Of course, we did not do only science, but we had some fun playing volleyball, table tennis, swimming and doing sumo-wrestling! It was a very enjoyable time, with nice people, in a cozy place and I think we are all looking forward to meeting again in Florence, for Goldschmidt conference, or later for the next meeting in Fuerteventura!

IMG_5754 IMG_5694 20130620_18201320130618_220602


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